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The concept is simple, connect Pic du Midi to Lourdes over two days with an interval at Cauterets. The entirety will take place on the beautiful Pyreneen paths.

Why an All Mountain race? This format offers the rider a timed race with 2x the downhill that one could wish for. What LOURDES VTT would define as truly “All Mountain”.



PYR’EPIC is a timed all mountain tour. Rankings are based on total cumulative time of all stages.

  • Stage 1 (Saturday): Pic du Midi at Cauterets village, 52km 1800d+ 3800d-, rider embarks every 20 seconds.
  • Stage 2 (Sunday): Cauterets summit station in Lourdes, 58km 2450d+ 4300d-, riders embark according to Stage 1 time rankings. Riders with 1 hour (+) finishing time gaps behind the front runner will embark in groups.
  • Stage 3 (Sunday): Pic du Jet summit in Lourdes, 6km 150d+ 650d-, riders embark according to order and finishing time from Stage 2.

 16km 4400d+ 8750d- in total. Lifts from Pic du Jer, Pic du Midi and Cauterets have been made available to transport the riders to each starting point.